Jae Yang (gundamfrx87@email.msn.com)
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 00:03:44 -0400

>oh come on you all act like being childish or just goofing around is bad or
>punishable by law i mean we were all shildren at one time and sometimes its
>fun to be a gouf no pun intended i mean my girlfriend likes its when im
>why doesnt anyone act goofy anymore or childish if we all wantes to be
>serious all the time we would end up like our parents and stuff like that
>not cool . i mean my parents diss me for liking gundam didnt any of you
>receive percicution for you likes and beleifs .

I am not your girlfriend? And none of the ml subscribers are....? (If anyone
is, my apologies)

It is said that - All men has certain inalienable rights.

However, that rights should be challenged whenever the liberty of the
others are compromised.

People aren't imposing any persecution, you are bringing them upon yourself.

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