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Thu, 22 Jul 1999 20:28:55 PDT

I got the fansubs, the set whole set of Gundam Wing with Endless Waltz, from
a real nice man, named *wide eyes!* Hey, his names Michael too! Only his
last name was differnt, he sold me the set for $34, I beileve. Pretty Good,
ne? I will start looking for Turn A! I really want to see that and Zeta...

Quatre no Miko
Isn't Quatre great?!
Favorite Gundam Wing Boy?

==the sig==

"Don't be fooled by his appearance, Wufei. He's just as weird as the rest
of us."

Wufei turned inquisitively... Duo?

Trowa smirked. "Don't get me wrong and all. He's a nice guy. Friendly,
not too stuck up like the blonde bitch with a stick up his ass. But he does
have a few problems."

Wufei raised a curious brow. Oh?....

**Trowa Barton to Wufei Chang**
---Gundam Wing (fanfic)

>Where ever you get other fan subs. Pray and hope your connections can get
>it. How did you see Gundam Wing? (Being that your the guardian of Quatre,
>I'm guessing you did). I doubt AnimeVillage will have the rights for
>another year, but I could be wrong.
>And I do believe that was a request. :p
>Michael Garner.
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