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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >I like to use a little tissue paper,just rip out a piece small enough,put it
> >in the polycap(dont fold it,just lay it over it) and pop it in,it's cheap
> and
> >effedctive(i used that to get the joints in my LM mini eva kids to stick)
> That's a new one for me. I think I'll try it. Do you use single or
> double ply tissue? (just kidding)
> On a serious question though...without power tools, how does one cut the
> plastic...I have a Gaz which has two solid parts for the skirt/bosy, and I
> want to cut the front and side skirt plates and use springs to keep them in
> position. How do I ciut it without the aid of power tools, and how do I
> cut them neatly?
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For long, straight cuts, use a razor saw. For others, you need to
/carefully/ cut with an exacto, never trying to cut entirely through the
part at once. If you can get away with the razor saw, do so...

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