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><< The three series were Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Super Dimensional
> Cavalry Southern Cross and Super Dimensional Century Orguss. They were all
> three originally intended to be included in the Robotech series, but
> Tatsunoko raised the price of Orguss at the last minute and so we got
> Genesis Climber Mospeada instead.
> >>
>My question is this:
>Was there any continuity between these series in their original Japanese
>incarnation? I mean I know that the main character from Orguss had a fling
>with Minmei, but how did Southern Cross fit?

It didn't, really, except as a "Next Generation" of the transforming mecha.

Southern Cross is set on the planet Grolier, which has two moons, which is
why they had to recapture the moon base twice. (All of the scenes of the
two moons in the sky were edited out of Robotech) The storyline is
essentially the same as Mospeada, except that humans are the Invid,
invading Grolier and driving off the native Zol, who then regroup and
attempt to reconquer their home planet. The conflict becomes unavoidable
midway through the series, when a courier tells everyone that the Big War
was finally fought on Earth and there's now no place for the humans to
return -- the Grolier colony is all that remains of humanity.

The idea of humans as the conquering invaders was apparently a bit too
radical for most Japanese fans, as the series was curtailed and wrapped up
after only 23 episodes.


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