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>> >Then there's the whole Five Elements thing seen in Wing, or as I like to
>> >think sometimes, Wu-Hsing Gundam.
>> >SJ
>> Please expound -- I'd liker to hear that one.
>The Five Elements, or Wu-Husing, are the five Chinese elements. While the
>western world use the Greek elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, the
>Chinese use Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water as there elements of nature.
>Through a diagram of creation and distruction, one can see how these five
>elements interact through Yin and Yang.

Actually, Western philosophy also held that there were five elements, the
fifth element representing a fusion of the other four in equal balance. It
was this fifth element or "quintessence" that permeated all nature and
formed the celestial sphere. To this day, we refer to an archetype or the
purest or more concetrated form of something as being quintessential.


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