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>>>Are there any more motherly reference in the show? Perhaps Turn-A is a
>>>Gaia Mother Earth figure?
>>I don't know about motherly references in Turn A, but there are a number
>>throughout the UC Gundam series, the most famous being Char's reference to
>>Lalar Sun in CCA.
>>450,000 Kilometers in Search of Mother?
> Err, could you explain this more? I haven't seen that part of GUndam UC

In the final exchange between Amuro and Char, Char first says that Quess
was looking for a father, which annoyed him so much that he treated her
like a machine instead, then goes on to say that Lalar Sun was the woman
who could have become the mother he never had. Amuro's reply is cut off in
mid-sentence, so we never find out what he made of that.

The "450,000 Kilometers in Search of Mother" is a play on the title of the
1976 Isao Takahata/Hayao Miyazaki (with storyboards by Yoshiyuki Tomino)
anime classic "3,000 Leagues in Search of Mother" with the distance from
Earth to lunar orbit substituted for the distance across Europe.


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