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> I knew there was going to be something when I said about this ML about
> uptight, it's not all of you, there's just so many rules and yes, I've use
> to be on the EVA ML, but always got suspended for stupid little things, I
> ask a one-liner question and BLAM! Iam off the ML for a week, the Gundam
> is not uptight there was 3 or 4 people who would flame me when ever I
> a Wing-releated question, but I don't think they're on now. (grr..
> anti-shouen-ai-fan-people!) anyway, I love this ML and I've learned alot
> things about Gundam because of all the questions people ask, the only
> is, does TURN A really suck?

whoa..... , one after another , this ML isn't uptight and whatnot , its ok .

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