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>If you think GML is uptight, check out the Evangelion Mailing List FAQ:
>9. A list of Banned Topics:
>"Which is better, Dub vs Sub" This is simply a matter of personal
>preference, and does not lead to discussion, only arguments.
>"Asuka is the best! No, Rei is!" This is also a matter of personal
>prefence, and will always lead to flame wars.
>"What is your favorite (Insert idea here)" These also don't lead to
>discussion. You may announce a poll, but replies must not be sent to the
>"Visit my website" Advertisements are not allowed.
>Please do not post any of these topics, as you may be banned from the list
>in a hurry.
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        I think that all that is also indirectly related to how confusing the
series was. One thing I'll give credit to gundam tries (sometimes
beyond belief) to put everything into some sort of continuity/order. That
leads to less spectacular what if and maybeso arguments. I left teh EvaML
because I was getting afraid that I might commit a blunder without even
knowing about it.

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