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> What are the most often misinterpreted parts? It would be awesome if these
> could be pointed out to us. I know a little Japanese but I want to know
> of it, myself. but either way if people could list the misinterpretations
> that would be awesome.
> Jason

I don't have enough subs on hand to really be able to point them out. One of
the major problems is words like "amai" which has no English equivalent. It
means sweet, soft, too nice, indulgent, but not exactly any one of those
either. (It's used a lot in anime...) Often, subtle nuances are lost.

Another example is in First, when Amuro accidentally kills Lalah, he said
"torikaeshino tsukanaikoto o, torikaeshino tsukanaikoto o shite shimatta".
This became a really famous line in Japan, because of the way it was said and
the way it was phrased. (People would use it when they made small mistakes,
and others instantly knew it was from Gundam) In the AnimeVillage sub or the
movie, it was translated as "I've done something I can't make right"
(Japanese line in the movie was changed to "Bokuwa torikaeshino tsukanaikoto
o shite shimatta") - which basically isn't even a quotable line, and doesn't
have the same impact.

And the quality of translations in fansubs are always quite questionable...


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