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> Turn A Gundam is a far future UC storyline.

I've been thinking about this, and I'm starting to think that Turn A kind of
fits in-between Victory and Gaia Gear. Here are a few points of logic that I

1) The Turn A is shorter than the Man Machines in Gaia Gear by a couple
of meters, while still towering over the minute Victory MS by over 6 meters.

2) We see a very different Mobile Suit technology in Gaia Gear than is
generally available in normal UC MS's (mostly design styles and material
choices), which can be said to be of a different tech base than UC (maybe
even of a higher tech level). But Gaia Gear is obviously of a higher tech
level than Turn A, while Turn A appears to be of a different tech base than

3) In addition, the societies we see in Gaia Gear are very different
form UC, but not all that different from Turn A, and both stories include
characters from the time of Char's Counter Attack (one in cryo as seen in
Turn A, one as a clone as seen in Gaia Gear).

4) Turn A has many hidden, underground armories/bases, while Victory
shows many hidden, underground bases/factories.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts on the subject.


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