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> Coupla questions:
> 1) I know Garma was the youngest Zabi sibling...who was oldest, Giren?
> Can somebody list the four from youngest to oldest?

Giren is the oldest, and the Admiral of the Home Defense Fleet based in Side
3. Next is Kishiria, head of Mobile Assault Force, based in Lunar military
base/city of Granada, which includes R&D and other specialized forces.
Dozul is the head of the Space Attack Force, base in astroid fortress
Solomon, the primary forces that engages Federation space force. Garma was
the head of Earth Attack Force, an detachment from Mobile Assult Force which
conducts the Earth invasion.

> 2) When aboard ship in space, and on the various asteroid
> bases, how did
> the personnel stay in contact with surfaces? Magnetic boots? Velcro?
> This is assuming that the personnel are not in any gravity
> block areas.

A combination of both.

> 3) What was the geographic location of Garma's death? East Coast US?

I think Seattle. White Base hid inside the remain of a hardshell dome
stadium when they ambush Garma's transport.

> 4) Where, geographically, did Operation Odessa take place?

In Odessa, Russa.

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