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>Actually, I always thought that cockpit placement in the earlier Gundam
>were intended to replicate the Tan Tien of the Mobile Suit. Later shows
>placed the cockpit in the chest, something I though had better replicated
>western concept of Heart and Soul, but being a westerner myself, I could be
>biased on this. With the head cockpits seen in MSs like the Gelgoog and
>Sazabi, I always get the feeling that these Mecha were more intellectual,
>therefore "superior" to the more "common" MS designs.

        One of the other mails talked about center of gravity...well, that was
what the Chi point was also --- the center of balance. makes perfect
sense, too, if you think about it.

>Then there's the whole Five Elements thing seen in Wing, or as I like to
>think sometimes, Wu-Hsing Gundam.

Please expound -- I'd liker to hear that one.

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