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> I even had a weird idea that the pilots were somehow located near the
> traditional Chi or Ki point of the body for the gundams...somewhere near
> the navel -- should be one "inch" below the navel, in fact. Of course,
> that's also conjecture. One could also argue that the pilot is it's heart
> and so's all fun in the name of whatifs and couldbes, LOL!

Actually, I always thought that cockpit placement in the earlier Gundam shows
were intended to replicate the Tan Tien of the Mobile Suit. Later shows
placed the cockpit in the chest, something I though had better replicated the
western concept of Heart and Soul, but being a westerner myself, I could be
biased on this. With the head cockpits seen in MSs like the Gelgoog and
Sazabi, I always get the feeling that these Mecha were more intellectual, and
therefore "superior" to the more "common" MS designs.

Then there's the whole Five Elements thing seen in Wing, or as I like to
think sometimes, Wu-Hsing Gundam.


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