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>>If the idea of MS as mother is kind of iffy, then the idea of Core Fighter
>>as womb is really pushing it too far. Camile is only borderline well-
>>adjusted, Kou was equally inept from the beginning to the end. You
>>presented some interesting circumstancial evidence, but for physical
>>evidence (ie. events), there's only Sentinet Gundam's "Alice" AI and
>>Amuro's last escape in 0079. I can't remember any scenes of pilots
>>drawing physical or emotional comfort from the CF. The closest I can
>>think of are the Enhanced Types being dependent on Psycho Gundam and Bound
>>Doc. Or the Zero System (?) being a even longer stretch.
> Very true. But it does bring in more examination of possible lines of
>reasoning...not bad for just puttering around, LOL!
>>I shouldn't need to say this, but pls don't take this personally. I think
>>the UC CF=womb idea is nonsense, but I also appreciate that it's a novel
>>and stimulating idea. And novel ideas are hard to come by after a while.
>>And God knows I spill out novel nonsense daily :)
>>CHIN, Chien Ting

I just wanted to save the Turn-A discussion by bringing some ideas into
play. Whether or not they work is for us to discuss. The Giant robot equal
surrogate parent is a well worn path in anime, just look at Giant robo.
Tomino probably just wanted to make it more obvious. Except in Turn-A
gundam's case, Loran seems to be the most well adjusted Gundam pilot ever.

> Well, it was interesting for a while, but for me I actually eschew the
>idea of engendering gundams, because for me they do not have gender, they
>are machines -- unless you take into consideration the Nobel gundam or
>things like that, obviously feminine designs. But the idea of structural
>design as symbolism for psychological context is interesting, though
>ultimately conjectural if there is no evidence in the series to point to it
>concretely. I remember the hassles and flames people went through in the
>EvaML over the design and construction of the Evas, and believe me, we are
>actually tame compared to that.
> I even had a weird idea that the pilots were somehow located near the
>traditional Chi or Ki point of the body for the gundams...somewhere near
>the navel -- should be one "inch" below the navel, in fact. Of course,
>that's also conjecture. One could also argue that the pilot is it's heart
>and so on...it's all fun in the name of whatifs and couldbes, LOL!

I don't remember where I read this, (it might have even been on this list)
but it was pointed out that the crotch area on a giant robot is it's center
of balance and it would be the most stable place to put a pilot. That is to
say it would experience the least amount force as the robot went about it's
maneuvers. Does that make sense?


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