Garrick Lee (
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 18:03:02 PHT

> >the dubbed version has it,
> >"you? but you're a woman! i don't take orders from a woman!" the
> >version i watched didn't have this much sexist overtone.
> I've heard three different versions, from lisa Hayase being called Old
>woman, to woman to hag. eek.

i still love rick hunter's "who's that old sourpuss??" the best. :P

mirai, your info on wufei is very much appreciated!
how do you get all the info on the characters? (those manga and novels are
in japanese? :( no english translations? that's a big time bummer. i
shoulda taken my japanese class seriously...grrr...)

richie is right. the philippine dubbing of g-wing is inconsistent.
we had wufei implying that all women were weak in the filipino-dubbed scene
with noin.

> I'm on the Gwml, GW-soc, and Gw-fic (*dunno about that though, if it still
>exists*) lists, and I can say that they are hale and hearty and can
>sometimes have very interesting discussions, though more on the character
>level rather than the techno mecha modelling stuff we have here. It's
>quite stimulating, and I have to admit, some of the fanfics that come out
>of that list are worthy enough to be coopted into the GW/EW time
>line...they really expand quite well on the series.

eh..ehm...richie, how about pointing me to the g-wing lists? the ones
linked in anime turnpike don't work.


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