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>How can I stiffen poly joints without seizing the whole joint up? I just
>put together the MG GP02a (I finally got it! Yay!) and one of the
>shoulder binders keeps falling down when I try to pose it with them

        solution to shield problem: use white glue to fix the gripping fist in
place with the shield's grip...that way it won't come off, then use same
technique on shoulder ball joint. White glue -- called elmer's glue here
in the philippines -- is a water soluble glue...very useful. another
solution for the ball joint is to use crazy glue to make the ball joint
tighter...remember, acrylic superglue doesn't bond to polycaps, for some

        As for the binder/booster shoulder armor: same idea, but you have to
remove it from the shoulder while curing.

>Other than that, I'm totally in love with it. ^_^ This is my first MG
>kit, and I can't believe the amount of detail in it, or how you can pose
>it. My only beefs are the falling binders and the fact that the shield is
>so bloody heavy I have to rest it on the ground or else it falls off. =)

        Those are the standard problems of the gp02a.
        Other problems in other MG's I have encountered:

        Zaku: the cables are a rotten deal.
        rx-78: the waist polycap/base is loose. The bazooka holder is weak. I
would suspect that the GM, which is based on this design would have the
same problems.
        Zeta: the wing connectors are the wealpoint, along with the polycap joint
to the hip. Also, the doors of the missile pods on the arms are a bum deal
as well.
        Supergundam/rx178: weight distribution problems for the supergundam
(solved by fixing joints into place or creating a stand for it), and for
the rx-178 itself, the headphone guns are kinda loose in the connections,
as well as the saber holders. Bazooka holder has same problem as rx-178.
        Gp01fb: the corefighter's parts are a definite problem in assembly, but
comes out nice anyway. Other than that, it has the least amount of
problems, really.
        Gelgoog: the cockpit hatch tends to flip down.
        Nu 1/100 (I know, it ain't an MG, but it's practically one): The weight
distribution of the fannels make it tilt to one side.

        Most of them can be solved by using white glue at the problematic joint

>(Have you ever seen a 1/100 F90 and the GP02a side by side? Don't do it
>while drinking coffee or it will come out of your nose. ^_~)
>keizer (the gnome)

        Wanna make it worse? put the gp02a right next to the V2. then the coffee
will come out your ears. and to make the coffee come out of both your ears
and nose and tear ducts, put the f90/f91/V2 next to a 1/100 Nu and/or a
1/100 ZZ and the gp02a.
        And for true comparison, I suspect that the new TurnA 1/100 will be as big
as the ZZ or the Nu -- or even taller. that is one big MS.

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