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>I predict that, given the "first exposure" syndrome and the way that
>Sunrise is pushing Gundam Wing because of its proven broad-base (meaning it
>appeals to both boys and girls) popularity, that will see a shift over the
>next five years, with UC down to 50% and AC up to 30% to 40%, with the
>remainder divided two-to-one between FC and AW (i.e., FC will be twice as
>popular as AW).

        I guess that means we have to start archiving our pertinent arguments and
then just point the new listers to it, unless we really will enjoy
answering the stuff over and over again. No offense, but some stuff really
gets tiring the fourth time around...I suffered that in the EvaML -- Which
is a great ML, but sometimes a bit too repetititive because of the new
people always coming in.

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