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>Thanks! Nice to hear this from a male. I like g-wing ... actually reminded
>me a lot of some of the excitement from First. I don't think the story is
>bad as many people make it out to be. The problem is that the lines said by
>the characters are exceedingly difficult to translate into English without
>losing a lot of meaning. The lines are very stylistic in nature, with the
>way the lines are delivered and the form of speech used adds just as much
>meaning to the characters and the flow of the storyline. (The Gundam Movies
>had this same problem - being equally fluent in Japanese and English, I was
>very disappointed with the subtitles.)

        How very true! We viewers here in the philippines are having the exact
same problem. Whereas people like myself who've been following gundam and
been researching the story of GW/EW understand it quite well, there have
been complaints from some viewers who just jumped into the cartoon that it
was so confusing and dense in terms of storyline. I think, too, a lot was
lost in the translation here, what with the fact that the language being
used in the filipino translation seesaws from formal Filipino to street
language without any consistency. Quite weird to hear Heero and the other
kids use archaic filipino terms - Bastard translated into "hangal",
idiot/baka turned into "walang-pinaga-aralan" and all that. It's quite
discomfitting, and it does make things ugly. And then there are the name
changes...Like Fitzkurk for peacecraft, Avian for Epyon. and a few other

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