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>You should see the RXR-44 Gun Tank standing next to the GP02a. Now,
>where you see contrast in 1/100 scale sizes!

        Are you referring to the F91 guntank? that was really small. On other
scale observations: I have the new gundcannon, and I did put it right
nesxt to my HG rx78. It's half a head that correct scale?
Also, I noticed that the 0080 RickDom II is shorter than the Hg Rx-78. Is
that also correct? The goufs and the zaku from08ms are also the same
height almost as the 0080 RDII.
        Just curious, since i always thought that the guncannon would be a bit
taller, and the RDII's would be way taller than the rx-78, with the goufs
and zakus being almost as tall as the rx-78.

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