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>He buried Meilan in the flower field. Lon Shirin and Roshi O appear,
>him that no one will stop him, and that he can go back to his studies.
>tells them that he will fight for justice. When asked if he will pilot the
>Shenlon, he corrects them, saying it is Nataku. His wife had protected it
>with her life, so her soul is in it. He swears to Nataku that he will
>the course of the world.

        Holy shmakolee! that's quite a story. damn, i respect him even more now.
 It takes a lot of guts to take on a responsibility like that. He's
turning out to be the real romantic in GW/EW, then. I need to digest fanfic will never be the same.

>As for why Wufei cries when he killed Treize. (I translated the passage
>but lost it! Darn!) In a nutshell, Wufei was extremely insulted at their
>first encounter because #1-he lost and #2-Treize let him go. When Wufei
>asked Treize why he didn't bother killing him, Treize replies "because you
>are one of my very few who understand me". Wufei is confused about this
>remark, and insulted even further. When Wufei finds out that Treize
>counts and memorizes the names of those who died because of him, including
>people who are his enemies, Wufei senses Treize's guilt. When Wufei easily
>pierces his beam sabre through Treize's Tallgeese, Wufei mistakenly thinks
>that Treize intentionally let him win, to commit suicide. Wufei is very
>upset because he feels used, and also because his definition of "justice"
>which was "strength" comes crumbling down.

        ARGH! So Treize is really multidimensional! I need to remember this too!
 Do you have anymore trasnslations from the novels to explain the others?

>Hope this helped

        Itnhelped quite a lot. Could you send me a private e-mail copy of this
stuff? so I won't delete it accidentally?

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