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>>Are there any more motherly reference in the show? Perhaps Turn-A is a
>>Gaia Mother Earth figure?
>I don't know about motherly references in Turn A, but there are a number
>throughout the UC Gundam series, the most famous being Char's reference to
>Lalar Sun in CCA

I remember joking to Conty a few years back about the sure sign of a Tomino
Gundam -- the mother figure.

Oedipal and Sprockets jokes aside, the non-Tomino Gundam series didn't
feature the main characters' mothers prominently, but almost all the Tomino
Gundam series did feature the main characters' mother figures. ZZ was not
so clear-cut, but that one notably bizarre image at the end of the series
was enough to give it at least honorable mention. (I hope I worded that
last sentence to avoid any spoilers. ^^)

What this says about Tomino, I refuse to speculate. ^^

Egan Loo

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