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> In a word, No!
> Orguss was part of the Super Dimensional (Cho Jiku) trilogy produced by
> rival Tatsunoko during the same period that Tomino was creating Ideon,
> Xabungle, Dunbine, L.Gaim, Vifam and Z Gundam for (then Nippon) Sunrise.
> The three series were Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Super Dimensional
> Cavalry Southern Cross and Super Dimensional Century Orguss. They were all
> three originally intended to be included in the Robotech series, but
> Tatsunoko raised the price of Orguss at the last minute and so we got
> Genesis Climber Mospeada instead.

I know about the three Super Dimensional series, but I've never seen SDC

> The cockpit of the Orguss was located in the chest -- or, more correctly,
> the thorax -- although, like many mech, including Gundam, it had a
> "codpiece" like module between the hip joints.
> You may be thinking of the Nikick or Ishkick mecha used by the Terram. The
> former has a phallic gunpod slung under the cockpit, which is on the
> underside of the body proper, with the pilot lying in the prone position,
> like the tail gunner on some bombers. Ishkick is almost identical.

Actually, I have some Orguss models, and the Orguss I have has the cockpit
located in the front of the pelvic area (aka, the cod piece). Also, the exact
same Orguss model that I have is in SDC Orguss II, also with the cod piece


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