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>Garrick Lee wrote:
>> er...seriously now, is this a universal century only mailing list?
>Gundam Wing is not banned on this list. However, the majority of the
>subscribers are UC otaku. However, as long as the talk is kept mature,
>we don't mind...

I predicted that this would happen shortly after G Gundam debuted.

Generally, one's favorite Gundam series always seems to be the first Gundam
series to which one was exposed, although it's sometimes the second or
third. For me, that's Z Gundam; for a good many others on this list it's
Gundam 0083; for a few, it's the original series; for most, it's one of the
movies. Now that the Anime Village subs and dubs are out, I predict we'll
see an influx of new fans who cite either the original series or 0080 or
0083, followed by a second wave who cite 08th MS Team or Gundam Wing.

In any case, the UC timeline was all there was for 15 of the 20 years that
Gundam has been around, so it follows that 15/20 or 75% of Gundam fans will
be UC fans. G Gundam (FC timeline), Gundam Wing (AC timeline) and Gundam X
(AW timeline) fans can, at most, account for 25% of the fan base and, based
on what I've seen, I'd say that it breaks down 75% UC, 15% AC, 5% FC and 5% AW.

I predict that, given the "first exposure" syndrome and the way that
Sunrise is pushing Gundam Wing because of its proven broad-base (meaning it
appeals to both boys and girls) popularity, that will see a shift over the
next five years, with UC down to 50% and AC up to 30% to 40%, with the
remainder divided two-to-one between FC and AW (i.e., FC will be twice as
popular as AW).


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