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Wed, 21 Jul 1999 10:13:38 -0700

Garrick Lee wrote:
> ehhhh....
> y'know i get the impression that g-wing is taboo here.
> what's worse is that it's taboo just because there are silly fans slobbering
> over the pretty boy image. there happen to be people who like g-wing who
> don't slobber over fictional characters.
> wing is as legit gundam as turn a (no matter how controversial the mech
> design is) and g and x are. hope i don't get scorched for watching and even
> liking g-wing. (besides, i'm a guy. there's nothing for me to swoon over.
> except for the shenlong, heh.)
> er...seriously now, is this a universal century only mailing list?
> -ddd

Gundam Wing is not banned on this list. However, the majority of the
subscribers are UC otaku. However, as long as the talk is kept mature,
we don't mind...

Christopher Beilby

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