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>>aaaaah, thanks for our help. Converting .midi to .wav is no problem at
>>all, but what im really after is the intro song to 0083. Also the song
>>that plays at the start of the first ep. of 0083 when Kou and Co. are
>>chasing Allen's GM. Is it just me or are the first 4 eps. of stardust
>>memory brilliant?
>That song is "Back to Paradise" IIRC. It's on disc 2 of the double CD
>OST set.

The OP track "The Winner" (Japanese version) and the BGM track "Back To
Paradise" can both be found on the first Gundam 0083 OST (Victor VICL-113
or Son May SM-9).

As noted, the former is on Disc 1 and the latter on Disc 2 of the CD box
set (Victor VICL-40038/40039 or Son May SM-186/187).

The artist is Miki Matsubara, whose singing is adequate but a little weak.
I can't help but wish that Hiroko "Mio" Kadomoto had been brought in from
the very beginning or allowed to cover those tracks later on. But, then,
they went with the equally weak Rumiko Wada for True Shining and Mon Etoil,
so I guess I should count my blessings and be thankful that Mio was brought
in at all.


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