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>> Doesn't anyone remember that the Orguss had it's cockpit in the same
>> place? Admittedly, it wasn't a core fighter...
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>> Christopher Beilby
> I do in fact remember this. Wasn't Tomino involved with the original Orgus?

In a word, No!

Orguss was part of the Super Dimensional (Cho Jiku) trilogy produced by
rival Tatsunoko during the same period that Tomino was creating Ideon,
Xabungle, Dunbine, L.Gaim, Vifam and Z Gundam for (then Nippon) Sunrise.
The three series were Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Super Dimensional
Cavalry Southern Cross and Super Dimensional Century Orguss. They were all
three originally intended to be included in the Robotech series, but
Tatsunoko raised the price of Orguss at the last minute and so we got
Genesis Climber Mospeada instead.

The cockpit of the Orguss was located in the chest -- or, more correctly,
the thorax -- although, like many mech, including Gundam, it had a
"codpiece" like module between the hip joints.

You may be thinking of the Nikick or Ishkick mecha used by the Terram. The
former has a phallic gunpod slung under the cockpit, which is on the
underside of the body proper, with the pilot lying in the prone position,
like the tail gunner on some bombers. Ishkick is almost identical.


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