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> i mean...even in g-wing alone...there are some scenes (a lot of wufei
> with noin and sally and even relena) that come off as boorish and sexist.
> can anyone shed a light on the cultural roots of those scenes? wufei is
> chinese (like me, heh), right? is the series just portraying wufei to be
> the stereotypical woman-disrespecting chinese fellah? (hey, i don't treat
> women like that, btw. even if i like wufei the most in g-wing.)

I hear this a lot about Wufei being sexist from Western fans, but not from
Japanese fans. Strangely enough, I never considered Wufei to be sexist when
I saw the series. He's blunt and condescending towards everyone whom he
doesn't think is "strong". With Noin, he basically called her a "softie"
because she's a woman. I don't consider that discriminatory. With Sally,
being "weak" was directed toward the entire troop, including men. The reason
for his obsession with "strength" and "justice" is revealed very well in the
Endless Waltz novel, and somewhat in the Episode Zero manga, too.

>while i'm at it -- what relationship does wufei have with trieze anyway? is
>it revealed in other supplements? why should wufei cry over killing trieze?
> (and for the record, i think trieze is a very interesting villain. he's
just so twisted...)

This was also in the Endless Waltz novel.

Only for those who are interested, a rather lengthy summary of Wufei's story
as follows:

In AC 194, 14 year old Wufei was attending a boarding school as a scholarship
student. Although his family were warriors, he preferred academics. He was
asked to marry the daughter of the Lon family. In their family, it was a
rule and a rite that people married at age 14. Since his family (Chang's)
was a side branch of the Lon's, he had no way of refusing. He headed for the
A0206 colony, thinking that if it was intolerable, he will leave behind both
his family and his name.

At the wedding, he met Meilan for the first time. She was not at all
feminine, looking like a young boy except for the wedding dress. She
immediately insulted him, calling him a nerdy child (he was wearing black
rimmed glasses at the time). She punches him in the face, then tried to
further attack him while everyone grabbed her.Wufei was speechless, upset
that a young girl could punch him. He was the strongest martial artist in
his clan by the time he was 10, and no one had even been able to nick him in
years. Because of this he lost interest in martial arts and concentrated on
studying. That was basically his wedding.

Wufei decides to stay at the colony, not because of her but because he met
Roshi O again, who used to be his tutor. He was shown a blue Tallgeese that
he had constructed, and also another one in the making, called Gundam.
Unfortunately, no one from the Lon clan had been able to handle the
Tallgeese. They decided that the best thing to do was to have someone who
can ride it marry into the clan to become its next leader. It was Roshi O
who had recommended Wufei. Meilan was quite upset about this choice because
she thought she should be the pilot and next leader. When a nerdy kid in
glasses showed up at the wedding, her anger exploded.

After the wedding, he did not see Meilan for a long time. He preferred to
read books in a flower field. He was planning to leave the colony as soon as
the Gundam was done. Meilan shows up one day and starts insulting Wufei
again. She demands to know why Wufei doesn't practice martial arts like the
others. He replies "why bother fighting?" She says it is for justice, and
he replies that there is no such thing. When she insists on challenging him,
he leads her to another place, stating that he doesn't want the flowers to
get damaged. Wufei easily beat her, over and over again. She was unable to
get in even one punch. She was crushed, and he made fun of her for calling
herself Nataku. Wufei states that justice is nothing but convenience for
some individual. Meilan with tears in her eyes says that she knows it, but
her clan must keep fighting.

Bothered by this exchange, he goes to see Roshi O. He still insists that
there is no such thing as justice. Roshi O tells him that with his strength
and intelligence, he could change the world. He says that this doesn't
concern him, as no one can change the course of history. As he is leaving,
Roshi O asks Wufei to name the Gundam, and he suggests Shenlon.

Several months later, the colony is attacked by the Federation forces, who
decide that the best way to deal with aging colony is to kill the people
inside with a biological weapon. They were afraid that if the Lon clan was
relocated elsewhere, they may organize a resistance against the Federation.
When a group or Leo's attack the colony, Meilan takes off in the Tallgeese.
Wufei knew that she didn't have a chance, and takes off in the unfinished
Gundam. Meilan was still fighting, while coughing up blood. She was getting
injured riding the Tallgeese, getting weaker and weaker. Wufei takes the
beam sabre from the Tallgeese, telling Meilan that he will handle it from
here. With one Leo left, Wufei realizes that this Leo is about to self
destruct so that he can take the Gundam with him. That moment, the Tallgeese
appears, holding down the Leo, getting caught in the explosion. Wufei
catches Meilan as she is ejected from the Tallgeese. He calls her Meilan,
and she still insists on being called Nataku. He agrees to it this time,
telling her he will always call her Nataku from now on. She tells him that
she protected the flower field, asking him to take her there.

Wufei sat her down in the flower field but she was very unstable, not able to
sit by herself as so many bones seemed broken. He tells her he will call a
doctor, and she asks him to stay with her. She says that the flowers are
pretty, and she has never looked at them that way before. It was the first
time Wufei had heard her talk like a woman, and wondered if she had wanted to
be a woman all along. By this time, he could barely see as his eyes were
filling up with tears. He was afraid to talk, as he knew that his tears
would start falling so he kept silent. They sat and stared at the flowers
for a while when Meilan finally asked Wufei if she was strong, and if he was
proud of her as his wife. Wufei couldn't believe she's still thinking of
this, but thought for a moment that she will be alright. He tells her
"You're strong. You're the strongest". Meilan replies "No, You're stronger"
 He suddenly felt her leaning even more into his shoulder. His cheeks
reddened, and thought about telling her not to come so close, but didn't.
Meilan's eyes are closed. He starts shaking her shoulders, telling at her to
open her eyes. He yells "you haven't even accepted me as your husband yet!"
Meilan was dead, with a peaceful smile on her face, the only time he had ever
seen her smile. Wufei finally lets himself cry, and yells out "Nataku" over
and over.

He buried Meilan in the flower field. Lon Shirin and Roshi O appear, telling
him that no one will stop him, and that he can go back to his studies. Wufei
tells them that he will fight for justice. When asked if he will pilot the
Shenlon, he corrects them, saying it is Nataku. His wife had protected it
with her life, so her soul is in it. He swears to Nataku that he will change
the course of the world.

As for why Wufei cries when he killed Treize. (I translated the passage once
but lost it! Darn!) In a nutshell, Wufei was extremely insulted at their
first encounter because #1-he lost and #2-Treize let him go. When Wufei
asked Treize why he didn't bother killing him, Treize replies "because you
are one of my very few who understand me". Wufei is confused about this
remark, and insulted even further. When Wufei finds out that Treize actually
counts and memorizes the names of those who died because of him, including
people who are his enemies, Wufei senses Treize's guilt. When Wufei easily
pierces his beam sabre through Treize's Tallgeese, Wufei mistakenly thinks
that Treize intentionally let him win, to commit suicide. Wufei is very
upset because he feels used, and also because his definition of "justice"
which was "strength" comes crumbling down.

Hope this helped


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