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Thu, 22 Jul 1999 10:14:34 PHT

hope i didn't come off sounding too petulant when i mentioned the wing taboo
thingie. (hey, i'm a newbie here, i don't know what everyone thinks. and
i've about 6 months worth of archives to catch up on. :P)

mirai said something about subtitles and translations that don't go off too
well. i think that's very understandable. and very well evidenced. g-wing
is dubbed into filipino, which can be one of the most cumbersome languages
to deal with, and a lot of the "in between the lines" are lost. i watch
both english subtitled and filipino dubbed, and the differences are
staggering. i wonder how much more is lost from original japanese to

if i may stray off topic for a few moments: case in point of subtitle vs.
dubbed. macross: dyrl. the english dubbed version was awful, and contained
crude and sexist comments. the subtitled version (still in english) was
able to be more tactful and i suppose, truer to the original japanese.

it's the scene very early on, where hikaru decides to rocket off in pursuit
of the enemy, directly defying misa's orders. the dubbed version has it,
"you? but you're a woman! i don't take orders from a woman!" the subtitled
version i watched didn't have this much sexist overtone.

anyway...could it be that problems in translations have a great deal to do
with why anime-haters think that anime is sexist? (though i don't know why
they ignore the fact that anime often has as many lead heroines that kick

i mean...even in g-wing alone...there are some scenes (a lot of wufei scenes
with noin and sally and even relena) that come off as boorish and sexist.
can anyone shed a light on the cultural roots of those scenes? wufei is
chinese (like me, heh), right? is the series just portraying wufei to be
the stereotypical woman-disrespecting chinese fellah? (hey, i don't treat
women like that, btw. even if i like wufei the most in g-wing.)

the comment about manga and other non tv-series supplements. kinda true. i
wouldn't have been able to follow g-wing completely if i hadn't found gundam
project website. (and even then i was thrown off a bit and come up with
stupid questions like "who's that hawaiian scientist? he's howard? oh yeah!
  but...what's he got to do with the g-boys? sweepers? whazzat?")

while i'm at it -- what relationship does wufei have with trieze anyway? is
it revealed in other supplements? why should wufei cry over killing trieze?
  (and for the record, i think trieze is a very interesting villain. he's
just so twisted...)

>I've been following Gundam for a full 20 yrs. and have seen almost
>over the years, and Wing was the most stylistic - artwork and lines were
>highly stylized, to the point that many of the lines were almost poetic.
>This is probably why it appealed so much to women. (I'm female, too, but
>I've always been a robo/mecha fan, and never looked for "cuteness" in
>characters. As a matter of fact, too much cuteness or "shoujo"-ness is a
>turn-off for me)

talk about silly swooning for a moment...i kinda thought maybe the girls
would go for trieze or zechs. not the pretty boy teens. :P


>One of the reasons I like following the Gundam series is the fact that each
>series has its unique personality while still maintaining that "something"
>that is unique to Gundam.
>I do agree with the other guys that if a person is strictly interested in
>drooling over a character from Wing, they should do that over on the Wing
>mailing lists (and there are several!)

uhm...actually i tried to get into the two g-wing mailing lists (linked from
the anime turnpike, where i found this mailing list). they were both
defunct, or nonexistent or self-destructed or something. :\ but if all
they contain are infatuation and drool, then i guess i'm not too interested


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