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> wing is as legit gundam as turn a (no matter how controversial the mech
> design is) and g and x are. hope i don't get scorched for watching and
> liking g-wing. (besides, i'm a guy. there's nothing for me to swoon over.
> except for the shenlong, heh.)
> er...seriously now, is this a universal century only mailing list?
> -ddd

Thanks! Nice to hear this from a male. I like g-wing ... actually reminded
me a lot of some of the excitement from First. I don't think the story is as
bad as many people make it out to be. The problem is that the lines said by
the characters are exceedingly difficult to translate into English without
losing a lot of meaning. The lines are very stylistic in nature, with the
way the lines are delivered and the form of speech used adds just as much
meaning to the characters and the flow of the storyline. (The Gundam Movies
had this same problem - being equally fluent in Japanese and English, I was
very disappointed with the subtitles.)

A lot of the characterizations and hidden meanings behind words and actions
are so enmeshed in Japanese culture, I think it's difficult for Westerners to
truly understand this. Add to that, the fact that most people have only seen
fansubs with awful translations. I know this to be fact because many
Americans I speak to thoroughly misinterpret lines and actions of the
characters on points that are very obvious to a Japanese. The producers also
were not very kind in that much of the background story was left out of the
show, and you had to go collect various books, manga, and CD's to figure out
the whole story...

I've been following Gundam for a full 20 yrs. and have seen almost everything
over the years, and Wing was the most stylistic - artwork and lines were both
highly stylized, to the point that many of the lines were almost poetic.
This is probably why it appealed so much to women. (I'm female, too, but
I've always been a robo/mecha fan, and never looked for "cuteness" in
characters. As a matter of fact, too much cuteness or "shoujo"-ness is a
turn-off for me)

One of the reasons I like following the Gundam series is the fact that each
series has its unique personality while still maintaining that "something"
that is unique to Gundam.

I do agree with the other guys that if a person is strictly interested in
drooling over a character from Wing, they should do that over on the Wing
mailing lists (and there are several!)

mirai y

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