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>On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Tabby wrote:
>> Keep in mind however, that I do not at all assume this theme was concious
>> in the design of these shows, or even that Tomino originally saw the
>> Core-Fighter as a metaphorical womb. More likely, he grew to see it as
>If the idea of MS as mother is kind of iffy, then the idea of Core Fighter
>as womb is really pushing it too far. Camile is only borderline well-

That was the point(or joke, if you like), Camille never used a Core
Fighter, and he ended up a shell-shock case by the end of Zeta.

>Remember the original discussion refers to Tomino moving the cockpit from
>the upper belly (from all UC and AC) downward to the crotch/womb (Turn-A).
>I think the womb is one of those innovations that Tomino is inventing for
>Turn-A only.
>I shouldn't need to say this, but pls don't take this personally. I think
>the UC CF=womb idea is nonsense, but I also appreciate that it's a novel
>and stimulating idea. And novel ideas are hard to come by after a while.
>And God knows I spill out novel nonsense daily :)

I don't take the Core-Fighter/Womb idea too seriously, I just suspect
Tomino recognized an unintentional trend and decided to actively address it
with the Turn-A design.

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