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On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Tabby wrote:
> Keep in mind however, that I do not at all assume this theme was concious
> in the design of these shows, or even that Tomino originally saw the
> Core-Fighter as a metaphorical womb. More likely, he grew to see it as such.

If the idea of MS as mother is kind of iffy, then the idea of Core Fighter
as womb is really pushing it too far. Camile is only borderline well-
adjusted, Kou was equally inept from the beginning to the end. You
presented some interesting circumstancial evidence, but for physical
evidence (ie. events), there's only Sentinet Gundam's "Alice" AI and
Amuro's last escape in 0079. I can't remember any scenes of pilots
drawing physical or emotional comfort from the CF. The closest I can
think of are the Enhanced Types being dependent on Psycho Gundam and Bound
Doc. Or the Zero System (?) being a even longer stretch.

Remember the original discussion refers to Tomino moving the cockpit from
the upper belly (from all UC and AC) downward to the crotch/womb (Turn-A).
I think the womb is one of those innovations that Tomino is inventing for
Turn-A only.

I shouldn't need to say this, but pls don't take this personally. I think
the UC CF=womb idea is nonsense, but I also appreciate that it's a novel
and stimulating idea. And novel ideas are hard to come by after a while.

And God knows I spill out novel nonsense daily :)

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