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On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Garrick Lee wrote:
> y'know i get the impression that g-wing is taboo here.

As a non-Wing fan, I have to comment on this. This is completely false.
Anyone can do a formal survey on the archive and measure the volume of
Wing posts. I will bet there are 10-20% of Wing posts, possibily a lot
more. If we let comments like "g-wing is taboo" pass, we will then really
make it true and drive out all the Wing fans. The no. of females on the
list is already very low.

> what's worse is that it's taboo just because there are silly fans slobbering
> over the pretty boy image. there happen to be people who like g-wing who
> ...
> er...seriously now, is this a universal century only mailing list?

It's always dangerous to generalize. But dare I say the intelligence on
the GML is a bit higher than average? We don't really like silly fans,
period. Doesn't matter if s/he is into AC or UC. Take an example, the
young ladies who were writting on their infactuation with the Wing boys
had some interesting thoughts, and IIRC that thread developed into some
insight into Jap history. As a male UC fan (you might even call me an
"UC-prude"), I found the female AC perspective fascinating. My point is
there is no taboo: Wing, Turn-A, yaoi, homosexuality, 4-letter words,
naughty jokes, they are all here, not always agreed, but always tolerated.
What's not tolerated is hysterical silliness.

It is also very annoying to see a few people going around dishing out rude
comments, "jokes", PC lectures, and then can't handle it when the joke is
put back on them, or bitch about the GML being PC. If you want to play
rough, you got to take the heat also.

Being able to say penis or fuck in public doesn't turn you into Trey

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