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On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Richie Ramos wrote:
> > First of all, those who read the Syd mead interview posted a week
> >or so ago know that not only was the cockpit location Tomino's idea, but
> >that Tomino refers to it as Gundam's womb. That's an interesting idea

Yes very perceptive to bring back this point. (also bring some
intelligence into the discussion) As little as I know, I do remember that
Turn-A spontaneously activated to protect the main charas of the show (a
la Eva?), perhaps a motherly instinct? And Turn-A does have some feminine
touches to it, mustasche notwithstanding.

Are there any more motherly reference in the show? Perhaps Turn-A is a
Gaia Mother Earth figure?

> >because the Gundam has always been sort of a surrogate parent for its young
> >pilots. If you look at the 1st gundam, it protected Amuro in the begining
> >by virtue of its armour and advanced capabilities. As Amuro grew in skill

IMHO, that's pushing it too far. Amuro didn't look to Gundam for any kind
of warmth or personal feelings. When he was down, he buried his head
fixing or improving Gundam. When he ran away with Gundam, he was hiding
in Gundam's womb, but took it as a personal belonging.

> That's a brilliant POV. So the MS is not so much a guy but as a girl or
> mother surrogate? that would make the idea of it being piloted by young
> ones very symbolic and open to interpretation indeed. I think this
> requires a rethink of how we see the gundams...from a criticism point of
> view anyway...ah, I'm beginning to babble!

Well not a girl or mother, but perhaps as a reference point in their
relationships to other human beings. MS figures prominently in the
relationship between Amuro and his parent, Amuro and his fellow and
superior officers, etc etc. But we have gone done that road before.

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