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> Maybe this is unanswerable, but...
> How can I stiffen poly joints without seizing the whole joint up? I just
> put together the MG GP02a (I finally got it! Yay!) and one of the
> shoulder binders keeps falling down when I try to pose it with them
> deployed.
> Other than that, I'm totally in love with it. ^_^ This is my first MG
> kit, and I can't believe the amount of detail in it, or how you can pose
> it. My only beefs are the falling binders and the fact that the shield is
> so bloody heavy I have to rest it on the ground or else it falls off. =)
> (Have you ever seen a 1/100 F90 and the GP02a side by side? Don't do it
> while drinking coffee or it will come out of your nose. ^_~)

This question gets asked at least once every other week it seems, but that
okay. I like the use Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) to custom fit loose poly cap
joints on models. I put the glue on the plastic pin, place the poly cap on to
the pin, let dry, then work the poly cap loose. Super Glue does not stick to
poly caps, so this will work fine for you.


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