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 er...seriously now, is this a universal century only mailing list?
 -ddd >>
Actually, the main reason that Wing isn't discussed much here is because
there is/was a specific Gundam Wing Mailing list. I don't know if it still
exists or not since I was never on it. Therefore, the assumption has always
been that people wanting to talk about Wing would keep it on that list. And
the UC people would talk on this list. It is the same with Macross,
Patlabor, etc. People might bring them up on this list but eventually others
start complaining saying that only Gundam should be discussed on this list.
The main reason for all of this is the High volume of mail generated by this
list. Many people would rather not have to go through what they consider
extraneous mail to get to the mail they are interested in.


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