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>Hmmm. Not too long ago some people had to post a
>message whenever they have a excuse to write
>"<squeezes her (insert-your-Wing-boy-name-here) plush>"
>and that did not seem to inflame anyone at all, even
>though the behavior was identical, if not worse.

Actually, it did.^^ And the behaviour was quite different, too. Obviously
you were one of the annoyed ones, but if I remember correctly, there was
also a bit of conversation about the series in there, as well. And while you
can compare all you want, this guy's behaviour is just an eensy bit more

>I'm not trying to point fingers at anyone, but do I
>sense some kind of unequal treatment here?

Yes, you do. This guy is getting flamed more than the girls and their
plushies were. But, dare I say, he started it? o.O

At least the plushie people gave their reasons, and were arguing for the
sake of Wing.
And at least they were being civil.(and at least they put a bit of
intelligence into it) And at least they kept the immature language to a
minumum. Sorry if I sound defensive, but, geesh. Having my behaviour likened
to his really makes Defensive.

 This guy
>is being singled out and I bet if this was a girl then
>you guys would have been sooooo polite.

Don't think so. See, there are a combination of factors that make people not
like someone, of course. One of the obvious reasons why he was flamed like
that is his grammar and spelling. Look around the list at the people who
post. Most are intelligent, most can spell, most have good
fact, the composition of this list is mainly made up of people with good
english. I have yet to see one person who has hideously bad language
skills....'cept for him^^

It's easy to get annoyed with someone who acts like he does. The archetypal
shallow teen who shoulda paid more attention in english class. I don't mean
to go on to personal attacks, but his behaviour was just plain
stupid...^^;;; I don't think gender had anything to do with it. A girl
acting the same way would have gotten much the same reaction.

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