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Wed, 21 Jul 1999 20:50:52 PHT


if i may contribute...

regarding the mecha that is turn a gundam. well, i have followed the mechs
of gundam for quite some time (even if i've just recently hooked up on the
story and series itself) -- that's what comes from having your friends draw
gundam mechs in notebooks (when they should have been listening...not that i
paid attention in class then) all throughout school.

to me, the turn a gundam mech "sucks" (to put it crudely). now that's just
my opinion, and i don't begrudge others for liking it. :) why do i dislike

well, there's a certain style to gundam that i feel shouldn't be thrown
away. the v-antenna, the modular chests, a certain style to the arms and
legs. no, i never thought the gundams looked stale. i thought they kept
getting better...especially compared to the original rx-78. i thought that
one was so corny that it was beyond the 70's brand of silly robots. now,
after watching the movies, i know a bit of why the original gundam is
something to rave about. it really is in the stories. not just the mechs.
and therefore, i look forward to watching the tv series. (get to see more
of kai shiden's antics, heheh. "times like these make me glad i'm a natural

back to designs. the turn a gundam's design is so pedestrian. it is
designed like the kind of mech that a 3 year old would draw. kind of bot in mazinger z. (well, ok, that's going too far :P)
you know...just bunch and bunch of lines all cropped together. look at the
arms, look at the legs, look at the torso. a bunch of nonsensical, and
non-functional lines tweaked together. look at the rear view. it's...well,
it's so amateurish, if i may say so. just a bunch of wires and more lines
bundled together. not a hint of function.

last of all, look at the face. the head. it's worse than a cockroach.
it's a dung beetle!

and the other mechs are worse! it's so...hollywood-style robots. geeky toy
robots, not mechs. (sentimental difference, i suppose).

oh well, i guess it's just differing tastes.

as for the turn a story...well, i've only read protoculture addicts' opener
on it...sound ok to me. gundam is more than just the mechs. (just as
macross, of course my favorite, is more than just the origami valkyries and
silly love plot :P).

i have no comment on the flying anatomy part. :)


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