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> Problem is, a lot of people are humor-impaired.
> Another problem is that tone does not convey well
> over e-mail. If people don't see a smiley they
> automatically assume the worst. The GML is probably
> the most PC ML I've seen... and people take it to
> extreme. No wonder most of today's entertainment try

> to be as un-PC as possible.

Come on, Ed, that's not true :)

As the world (my eyes are on the States, particularly)
becoming more and more p-c, I am perhaps the most p-i
person lived on this planet. We all have our own
opinion on everything, yet the points is to find the
right moment to express them. I know this is out of
the Gundam subject, but the recent careless whisper by
Taiwanese president Lee Teng Hui is a pretty good
example of describing the term "political blunders".

I don't like being chained, both physical & mental
wise, but this World is cruel, & we are reluctantly
accepting the 'norm', whether we like it or not.
Despite all this, I still have my own little world of
thought, similar to Amuro's. And when the right moment
come, I break the chain.

- Nightingale -

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