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> oh come on you all act like being childish or just
> goofing around is bad or punishable by law

Excuse me, this is a serious mailing list, whatever
the subject it covers. As you may coveniently forget,
the average amt. of msg we receive is approx. 50+ per
day. Now, don't get me wrong, I respect everyone's
right to express his/her opinions on Gundam, but let's
be honest, how do YOU feel when you receive a boat
load of msgs full of "Turn-A sucks", "I hate Turn-A",
or whatever slogans without giving any reason to prove
or support such idea? Do YOU want to know how I, or
many other GML subscribers feel? Well let me tell you,
I read every single msg on this ML, and I am not
please at all to see these kind of careless,
illogical, groundless, irresponsible behaviour
repeating day after day.

> i mean we were all shildren at one time and
sometimes > its fun to be a gouf no pun intended i
mean my
> girlfriend likes its when im goofy why doesnt anyone
> act goofy anymore or childish if we all wantes to be

> serious all the time we would end up like our
> and stuff like that is not cool . i mean my parents
> diss me for liking gundam didnt any of you receive
> percicution for you likes and beleifs .

This has nothing to do with parenthood, but rather a
question of growing up and being responsible in life.
This ML is subscribed by a wide spectrum of ppl from
all walks of life, some are teens, some are grad
students from colleges, some are married, having
families to take care of while still faithful to
Gundam after all these years. We all get goofy at
times, but as we become mature we consider other ppl
feelings, and many of us get goofy w/o giving other
ppls hell.

Selfish goofiness will get you dissed by your parents
when you are young, but selfifsh goofiness may get you
face the police or the court if you are a grown human

- Nightingale -
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