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>> First of all, those who read the Syd mead interview posted a week
>>or so ago know that not only was the cockpit location Tomino's idea, but
>>that Tomino refers to it as Gundam's womb. That's an interesting idea
>>because the Gundam has always been sort of a surrogate parent for its young
>>pilots. If you look at the 1st gundam, it protected Amuro in the begining
>>by virtue of its armour and advanced capabilities. As Amuro grew in skill
>>and his newtype abilities matured, the gundam had a hard time keeping up,
>>he began to outgrow the nest, as it were.
> That's a brilliant POV. So the MS is not so much a guy but as a girl or
>mother surrogate? that would make the idea of it being piloted by young
>ones very symbolic and open to interpretation indeed. I think this
>requires a rethink of how we see the gundams...from a criticism point of
>view anyway...ah, I'm beginning to babble!

So are we to assume that every UC Gundam with a Core-Fighter is a symbolic
mother/parent for the numerous immature pilots? There could be a lot of
support for this. For instance, neither the Alex or Nu Gundam had CFs, but
neither were assigned to immature, rookie pilots. There wasn't a CF in the
MK-II or the Zeta, but then we all know how well-adjusted Camille was.
Sure, there are exceptions(F-91, EZ-8), but there's quite a bit of
supporting evidence:Amuro growing up in the RX-78, Kou maturing while
piloting the ZEPHYRANTHES & STAMEN(which can be seen as CF in relation to
the Dendrobium), Judo learning harsh lessons in the ZZ, etc. There even the
Sentinel Gundam's "Alice" AI deciding to eject its own CF to save the
pilot(s?)in the face of its own destruction.

Keep in mind however, that I do not at all assume this theme was concious
in the design of these shows, or even that Tomino originally saw the
Core-Fighter as a metaphorical womb. More likely, he grew to see it as such.

That's enough from me, I'm missing The Daily Show(the highlight of my life
now that Skunkboy has left Talk Soup).


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