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Tue, 20 Jul 1999 22:39:25 -0700

>Every photo of the kit I see seems to stress how the new kit can pose in a
>"fencing/poking" stance with its right arm. This kit just doesn't seem to
>have much else going for it, gimmick-wise. It's not even half as exciting
>as the UCHG GunCannon, even though Gyan is one of my favorite suits from the
>original series...

The fencing pose isn't really any sort of innovation(I'm pretty sure I can
get my Rick-Dom II to do it with its heat-rod). I would've been a lot more
impressed if it included an altenate sword with a revised design.

>Hmmm, I guess Turn A is cool after all, what with the detachable flying
>cockpit and all, hehehe. At least it's on par with the G Gundam mobile
>fighters... but where's Shining Finger?!

Well, a from a purely purient point of view, it could be said that the Turn
A combines the Core-Fighter and the Shining Finger in the same feature.


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