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>Problem is, a lot of people are humor-impaired. Another problem is that
>tone does not convey well over e-mail. If people don't see a smiley they
>automatically assume the worst. The GML is probably the most PC ML I've
>seen... and people take it to the extreme. No wonder most of today's
>entertainment try to be as un-PC as possible.

        I think the problem stems from the fact that the GML has a lot of VERY
Eastern/Oriental people on the list, and in a very real sense there is a
culture clash. Oriental culture tends to take a lot of communication as a
mix of verbal and non-verbal cues, and in e-mail, there is simply no such
thing as a non-verbal cue with the exception of those smiley face things
and some LOL's or what not. So it's no surprise that it tends to be very
PC as the case may be, since a lot of those who are Oriental in background
will try to not step on another's toes.
        If that was meant in jest, then I apologize for being such a prude, but
dearie, please do be more careful next time. It's hard for some people
(like me, admittedly) to figure out HOW something is being said, thanks to
the culture I grew up in.

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