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> First of all, those who read the Syd mead interview posted a week
>or so ago know that not only was the cockpit location Tomino's idea, but
>that Tomino refers to it as Gundam's womb. That's an interesting idea
>because the Gundam has always been sort of a surrogate parent for its young
>pilots. If you look at the 1st gundam, it protected Amuro in the begining
>by virtue of its armour and advanced capabilities. As Amuro grew in skill
>and his newtype abilities matured, the gundam had a hard time keeping up,
>he began to outgrow the nest, as it were.

        That's a brilliant POV. So the MS is not so much a guy but as a girl or
mother surrogate? that would make the idea of it being piloted by young
ones very symbolic and open to interpretation indeed. I think this
requires a rethink of how we see the gundams...from a criticism point of
view anyway...ah, I'm beginning to babble!

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