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Another timely message from Mark:

> Recently noted on the "Gundam Sux!" list...
>> I can't identify the front cover artist, either. The back cover artist is,
>> as noted, Makoto Kobayashi.
> The front cover illo is credited to Hirotoshi Sano - guess his style
>has changed a lot since then! You'll see his more recent work on the
>covers of the Gundam the Movies film comics, Hobby Japan's Gundam the RPG
>series, the Char's Counterattack PlayStation game, and many of the G
>Gundam and 08th MS Team video sleeves. He was also mecha animation
>director on 0083 and Escaflowne, the director of Bounty Dog, and I recall
>he had a lot to do with Tekkaman Blade as well. In short, a very talented guy.
> Oh, another talent I just took note of: Atsushi Shigeta. This artist
>did the great box art for the Turn A kits, and cleaned up Syd Mead's
>mecha designs for animation. On Brainpowerd, Shigeta turned the rough
>mecha and character designs of Mamoru Nagano and Mutsumi Inomata into
>animation-suitable forms, and then acted as animation director for the
>series to boot. Able to draw both characters and mecha with amazing
>skill, Shigeta is the artist responsible for just about every piece of
>Brainpowerd promo art you'll see, including the first twelve pages of the
>gorgeous Brainpowerd Spiral Book.
>-- Mark

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