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>> >Hey guys, what MS is it which appears on newtype 100 % Z mechanics 2 cover?
>> That's the MSZ-006 Z Gundam, as re-envisioned by Kazuhisa Kondoh.
>> The mecha on the back cover is Kondoh's take on the PMX-003 The O.

>I don't think so, his name does not appear in the credits in the book
>(pg 98), and it's not his style of art. Kondou however do the ZG
>illustration for B-Club No.40, very nice indeed.


>The back over of the brown 'The O' is by Kobayshi Makoto, who is into a
>lot of the 'alternative/obscure' style of art much like Nagano Mamoru
>(the styles are not the same, but the concept of being 'different to
>mainstream' is the same). His rendition of S Gundam is very menacing,
>more so than the original by Kondou.

Sorry about the mixup on the artist, but the question was "what MS is it?"
and the answer to that is correct. I should've just said "an alternative
rendering of the Z Gundam" and left it at that.

I can't identify the front cover artist, either. The back cover artist is,
as noted, Makoto Kobayashi.


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