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Tue, 20 Jul 1999 15:07:35 -0300

Yeah ! A last we reached the core of the Turn A's problem: TASTE. It disgusts
some, it pleases others, it's no big deal to the rest, but all the battle here
is about taste. It sure has a weird look, and that cockpit will be something to
talk about for many time more, but, we also have to remember that there are also
a number of MSs and MAs of questionable design. We also have the color scheme
issue. The point is: Tomino and Syd dared to create a new look, they got credit
for that, now, each fan has to make his/her mind and decide if the strange look
and the "flying penis" are the highlights of the show, or if some other aspects
are worth debating.

James Boren wrote:

> Anyway, when it comes to science fiction shows with 20 year legacies, I'll
> take the Turn-A, you can have the Jar Jar.
> -James
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