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        First of all, those who read the Syd mead interview posted a week
or so ago know that not only was the cockpit location Tomino's idea, but
that Tomino refers to it as Gundam's womb. That's an interesting idea
because the Gundam has always been sort of a surrogate parent for its young
pilots. If you look at the 1st gundam, it protected Amuro in the begining
by virtue of its armour and advanced capabilities. As Amuro grew in skill
and his newtype abilities matured, the gundam had a hard time keeping up,
he began to outgrow the nest, as it were.
        Tomino is putting some more symbology into turn-A, perhaps at the
expense of realism, but Gundam, after 20 years is an icon. Perhaps we can't
put into words what gundam is but we feel something about it. Gundam is not
a realistic war machine, it can't be, as much as 0083 tried to make it
such. While I can't say for sure, it seems Tomino is trying to examine
Gundam and giant robots and maybe give us some new insight into why they
have such appeal. He is an intelligent creator and even though he may miss
a few times, if he has something to say about Gundam lets hear it.

        Now that that is off my chest let me say that Turn-A Gundam has
appeared on the cover of Car Styling magazine of all places. There is an
interview with Syd Mead about how he went about designing the turn-A and
other mecha for the show. There are some interesting prototype drawings
showing early stages of the Gundam. In fact Syd's first design for the
Gundam was the Sumo, or rather Sunrise decided to keep it, rename it the
Sumo and have Syd try again. BTW, have you noticed that the Sumo has an
assymetrical face? I never really noticed it from all the 3/4 views I've
seen. It's a little weird.

Anyway, when it comes to science fiction shows with 20 year legacies, I'll
take the Turn-A, you can have the Jar Jar.


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