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First of all the original Dom(18.6 m)from one year war is supposed to be
taller than the GP02 (18.5 m) and that I agree. But not Dom Troopen (18.5)
from 0083. Those two Doms differ from the physical appearance. The first
one is taller,and the 2nd one is shorter but chubby. So the Dom Troopen
looks bigger than the GP02 by mass but not by height. As for Gelgoog, if you
check from mecha domain, the height of gelgoog (19.2m) is supposed to be
taller than the Dom. As for the model itself, I'll give 4.8 out of 5. The
weapon selection is a plus and the joints move smoothly without any kind of
interference. The fingers, oh I can't stress out how awesome they look
like, each finger, I mean each finger can be moved. And those who said that
the Dom looked too plain from the outside, well you should see what's under
the skirt and legs. Inside the legs and the tail skirt you'll find out that
they have the thrusters, which actually stays true to the original tv
series. As for the color, the purple it came with it's actually the real
color from the tv series. The purple from the finished painted model from
the booklet looks too awkward to me. I say stick to the purple that came
with the model. The only reason I gave 4.8 out of 5 is because of the
height proportion that Bandai mislooked.(I'm a die hard gundam fan and I
like to pay attention to details) That's the only defect that bugged me. but
other than that this is simply the best MG so far. You won't be
disappointed, it's definitely worth it.

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