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> When I first saw teh TurnA, I hated it too. But, when I read up on what
> was happening in the story, and when I actually hot myself a Model Kit of
> the thing, I realized that the design was not so much as bad as it was
> DIFFERENT. Yes, it doesn't look like a GUNDAM, whatever that may mean,
> since there is a lot of leeway on wat a gundam looks like; but it is
> TOMINO's decision, so it is now effectively Gundam, no matter what we say
> about it.

That was me, too. I hated the Turn A at first, but the design grew on me and
I quite like the design now.

> Grow up. Gundam is not dead because of the TurnA. Some reports in
> even say that the appearance of the TurnA actually got some of their
> regular designers to think twice about what has been a downward curve in
> terms of MS design. If anything, the Turn A is encouraging them to think
> in new ways about how Gundam should be. Is that being Dead?
> Gundam Turn A is not just the Mobile suit. so live with it.

I didn't know this. The Turn A is making them rethink how to make a Mobile
Suit, which I think is great. The Gundam designs where getting stale and
kinda predictable too, when a new Gundam was introduced, I guess around when
the X and Wing Gundams came out. I agree, Gundam is not dead because of Turn
A, if anything, Turn A breathes new life into Gundam, and encourages Mobile
Suit and Mecha designers to experiment with new looks and designs, that are
fresh, new, and different. Diversity makes everything more interesting and


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