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> For the cockpit location, I've seen where it is located. And I think there
> are perfectely good explanation for that. On the torso of the MS, there is
> six (?) hidden weaponly. ANd we know that the previous gundams had their
> balancing sensors (for walking) located in the front of the skirt. Also,
> we've seen the Turn A having a highly mechanized structure, which would
> probably needed some room in the torso as well (a room for reactor?). Yeah
> yeah, Heavy Arms in the Wing also had two giagantic gatling on front of its
> torso, and still had the cockpit located in the center of them. Perhaps the
> hidden weaponly required more room than the projectile gatling gun of the
> Heavy arm. It's not whether the cockpit should not be located where it is,
> but it's whether the viewer has sick mind to perceive that as certain part
> of the human anatomy. Let's be moral and reasonable about this and end this
> thread.

Core fighter cockpits are what we all saw in the very first episode of
Gundam. The Nu Gandam mounted one of its beam sabers on a swival behind its
right should, while the Turn A mounts both of its beam sabers in a simular
manner. The RXR-44 Gun Tank in F91 had a groin cockpit for it's driver, so
the Turn A's cockpit isn't new in this regard. We see the chest brake weapon
systems in Wing and X, so those aren't new either. Buster Rifles are a
constant in every Gundam show created, starting with the RX-78-2's famous
Beam Rifle.

So, what does Turn A have that is different from every other Gundam Moblie
Suit ever shown?

A new look?

That can't be right! The Turn A just isn't Gundam!

But... it kind of looks like a Gundam. It kind of acts like a Gundam.
Characters have called it a Gundam.

Gee! I guess it is a Gundam after all!

Is there anything more that needs to be said about the Turn A being Gundam?


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